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PS3000 Energy Analyzer
the tool of first resort

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The PS3000 provides simplicity and reliability in the analysis of electric power.

What makes the PS3000 the choice of professionals all over the world?

  • Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.

  • Compatibility with any power system. Single phase, two phase, three phase (wye, delta, 4 wire delta, open delta, grounded delta), 3PT/2PT, and 3PT/3CT. DC, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, 45-66Hz, and 360-440Hz. Phase-phase, phase-neutral, and regenerative systems. All systems up to 600Vphase-neutral (800V phase-phase) and with our medium voltage probes, direct connection to 4,160V and 12,500V.

  • Harmonic Analysis. Performs spot checks and logging of THD and analysis out to the 50th harmonic on all inputs.

  • Unmatched portability and ease of use. Weighs less than 2 pounds (<1 kg), 4”x8”x1.5”, rechargeable batteries operate for 8-10 hours. Keypad and display for simple, quick, portable readings. User interface comes in seven languages.

  • Clear display to allow reading voltage, current, power, etc without the use of a laptop.

  • Reliability second to none. Ten years of steady improvement, proven in industrial use, used in every continent (including Antarctica).

  • Technical support that is responsive and knowledgeable.

    One instrument for all your measurement needs. PowerSight is the smallest, most cost effective instrument for the measurement and analysis of electric power.

    The PS3000 offers many different features for all your measurement needs. Here is a list of all available PowerSight functions:

    • 12 Voltage Measurements
    • 16 Current Measurements
    • True Power Factor
    • Displacement Power Factor
    • Phase lag angles
    • KW, KVA, KVAR (phase & total)
    • Delta & Wye configurations
    • DC volt, amps, power
    • Frequency
    • Harmonics (to 50th)
    • THD voltages & amp; K-Factor
    • Crest Factor
    • KWH (Elapsed & Estimated)
    • Cost (Elapsed & Estimated)
    • Adjustable Utility Rates
    • Peak Demand Period
    • Basic Disturbance analysis
    • Logging intervals from 1 sec to 99 min.
    • Waveform Capture
    • Input Ratios
    • Duty and Power Cycles
    • RS-232
    • Real Time Clock



    The PS3000 is available for immediate purchase from Summit Technology Inc. It includes DXV deluxe voltage probes, HAO harmonics, LOG logging, MEM extended memory, PCCA serial communications and PSM software. Current probes and carrying case are extra. To order, specify PS3000.

    PowerSight Manager and PowerSight® are manufactured and sold by Summit Technology, Inc.

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