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Frequency Analysis
frequency analysis option for PS4000

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Frequency Analysis Option For The PS4000

Features of FAO

The PowerSight Frequency Analysis Option (order FAO) is a combination of hardware, firmware, and software that allows you to analyze the frequency content of commercial power from 3,000 Hz to 100,000 Hz. These are frequencies above the range of conventional power harmonics. Nevertheless, frequency content in this region can have important impacts on power systems. Since the heating effect of a given current increases with the frequency, very small currents can have large heating effects. For instance, one would expect 1 milliamp of current at 60,000 Hz to have a much greater heating effect than 1 amp does at 60 Hz.

To analyze the high frequency content of power, you will need to plug voltage leads into a Voltage Conditioning box and then plug that box into your PS40000.  To analyze the high frequency content of current, you will plug an HA1000 current probe into a special adapter cable that then plugs into your meter.  The high frequency content of voltage and current can be evaluated simultaneously. The Voltage Conditioning box and the adapter cable are supplied with the FAO.  The FAO can measure frequencies with amplitudes from 100 µVrms to 1 Vrms and currents from 6 mA to 60 Arms (with an HA1000 current probe).

This exciting option turns your PowerSight meter into a hand-held spectrum analyzer, as well as a power quality analyzer.  It starts its analysis where other power quality analyzers stop.

This option is only for the PS4000 line of PowerSight meters.



The Frequency Analysis Option is available for immediate purchase.  To order, specify FAO.

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